Here are a few examples of how we identified the clients' opportunities
and created approaches to seize them.
  • Art's Electric

    Art's Electric

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    Designed as a quick-read for a very busy audience, the Art's Electric brochure accentuates the main business philosophies of the company owner. A pocket was added to the back cover to facilitate updated information and spec sheets.

  • Kentucky Press Association

    Kentucky Press Association

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    This Kentucky Press Associtation brochure explained the group's purpose and communicated that the association is embracing the new digital future while also fulfilling their tradional role as a print medium. It also featured a pocket that served as a carrier for additional information about network advertising opportunities, requirements and rates.

  • Active Ankle

    Active Ankle

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    This unique fold was created to clearly define that Active Ankle manufactures four kinds each of two styles of ankle braces for athletes — rigids and lace-ups. It demonstrates why Active Ankle is "the most respected name in braces".