Here are a few examples of how we identified the clients' opportunities
and created approaches to seize them.
  • Becker Law Office

    Becker Law

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    As a counterpoint to many personal injury attorneys’ outlandish advertising, we created a simple message of the committed, personal approach of the Becker Law Office and the firm’s owner spokesman, Kevin Renfro. The stark black & white photograph and short, pithy headline helped to communicate the firm’s attitude toward the clients they represent.
  • Columbia Spring View Hospital

    Columbia Spring View Hospital

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    The goal with this rural billboard campaign was to assure local residents that they did not need to go to the big city (Louisville) to receive advanced care.

  • Eskew & Gresham

    Eskew & Gresham
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    For Eskew & Gresham, a local CPA firm, we took the term "Bean Counting" from a negative in the accounting industry, and applied it in a way that was positive, memorable and enhanced their image.