Here are a few examples of how we identified the clients' opportunities
and created approaches to seize them.
  • Active Ankle

    Active Ankle

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    Packaging was created for the entire line of ankle braces for Active Ankle — the packaging clearly explains benefits and features of the ankle brace upfront to facilitate comparison shopping.

  • Horse Star Cards

    Horse St_mar Cards

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    Horse Star Cards, in conjunction with The Racing Form, wanted a package that elevated Kentucky Derby Winners cards to the level of exclusive collectibles. The solution was this classic printed tin collectors box.

  • National Tobacco

    National Tobacco

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    The Stoker's brand was introducing their moist snuff in a 12 oz. tub via trial sizes in a 1.2 oz. can.
    Packaging displays were created for the samples featuring the $2 discount coupon on each trial can
    to show a variety of flavors.