Here are a few examples of how we identified clients’ opportunities
and created approaches to seize them.
  • Better Business Bureau

    These three spots took a unique approach to getting viewers to check with the BBB
    before they hire a contractor, rather than after the fact when there is a problem.

  • Becker Law

    Becker Law Office wanted to stress the importance of wearing a seat belt at all times when riding in a vehicle. We chose a very graphic way to show what could happen if you don’t, and are in an accident.

  • Hausmann Jeep

    Our client Hausmann Jeep, a downtown dealership, had just erected an iron fence around the
    car lot to keep vehicles from “disappearing.” We turned that defensive move into a product position
    by suggesting that Jeep owners think of themselves as adventuresome, off-road types. We spun
    the idea that the iron gate was necessary to keep the wild Jeeps from escaping.